Frequently asked questions


Where can I find the driver when arriving at the airport?

All passengers on Delta domestic flights should go to the baggage claim area (whether you have luggage or not).  Across Baggage Carousel #6, in front of the down escalators, is where the driver will be standing with a name sign of Passenger's name.

For all other airlinesSouthwest, American, Alaska, Spirit, Air Canada, United, Frontier and Jet Blue, the passenger also needs to go to the baggage claim area. There is a pre-arranged transportation area and your Driver will be standing there with a name sign of Passenger's name. 

If you have any problems finding your driver, call 1-800-505-3161 OR 1-248-259-4536. We will connect you with your assigned Driver.  Our Driver will escort you to the commercial vehicle parking area.


Can I be picked up at the curbside?

Please note, no commercial vehicles are allowed to pick-up curbside at Detroit Metropolitan Airport so you must stay in the baggage claim area.  Passenger should turn on their cell phone upon arrival.  This is the only way our Driver can communicate with you. 


How long will the driver wait for me?

We will wait for you 30 minutes for Domestic Arrivals and up to 1 hour for International Arrivals. We will also monitor your flight for any delays.  However, if your flight has been cancelled or you have missed your flight, it is your responsibility to re-schedule or cancel your reservation with us, otherwise your credit card will be charged for the DTW pick-up


What is airport parking fee?

Pick ups scheduled from the DTW are subject to $10 airport parking fee that is paid directly to the airport. 


I need to make stops on my way?

If additional stops are made at your request, there is a $10 charge for same city stop or $15 for different city stops


Do you provide child car seats?

Yes, there is a $10 charge for each car seat provided by our company. Please let us know in advance if you need read facing car seat.


When will be my credit card charged?

Credit cards will be charged the day before your scheduled pick-up and an additional 20% gratuity will be added in your reservation when your card is charged.


When can I cancel the reservation?

Please call us 24 hours before the scheduled pick-up time to receive full refund. Cancellations made within less than 24 hours are subject to $10 cancellation fee. For cancellations made within less than 3 hours before your scheduled pick-up time are subject to full charges. Cancellations are accepted only through the same phone number used for your reservation and/or email.


How do I contact the driver?

You will get a text on your cell with your Driver's phone number when we have dispatched a Driver to pick you up.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to our unpredictable weather, a Road Hazard fee will be added to your reservation when the weather is bad, e.g. snow storm, freezing rain or any weather related situation.


Call us at (800) 505-3161 for all your Metro Detroit transportation needs.